What Our Clients Say

"After four months of unemployment due to lack of software knowledge, the workshops I attended were huge factors in the job I was able to accept. Not only did I learn about the software I needed to get a job, I was coached on interview techniques, dress attire, and communication skills to make myself more marketable. A big thank you to this service!!!" 


Marjorie Rankin RDH

“Danielle is second to none with Dentrix, team coaching, and increasing overall office productivity.  What sets Danielle apart is that she truly loves teaching others and helping them learn. She is patient and will find a way to work with you until comprehension is achieved.  Above all, her knowledge and skill level are unmatched. I have seen this firsthand with Danielle and would highly recommend taking this opportunity.” 


Dr. Matthew E. Nelson DDS

"I moved to Phoenix from California, Danielle was able to train me on all the systems I needed to know to get hired for the job I wanted to accept. She encouraged me to get the training I needed to choose a position instead of being forced to take a job because I didn't have proper training. Danielle has both clinical and business training and was able to guide me through the training to accept a job with full benefits and a great Dr. and team!" 


Lori Huber RDH 

“Lovely course! The instructors are very thorough and patient. Great classroom size for hands-on learning. Recommended for all dental professionals.”


Victoria Fernandez RDA

"Looking for a career change into dentistry, Evolution Dental was there to assist me with training into a front office dental position. There is no other program like it in Arizona." 


Tammy Johnson 

“Danielle has worked with our non-profit organization for the past year. We have transitioned our practice into a paperless practice and have obtained solid team training for all new team members. Her workshops in reports and insurance have been practice changing and every new team member attends the introduction and treatment planning course as part of their training. We are so fortunate to have found such an incredible resource!”


Nellie Barreras

“After years of working with the same periodontist, Evolution Dental Coaching was my saving grace when I found out my dentist was going to retire. Without the proper training I was unable to even get an interview. After three workshops with Evolution Dental Coaching I was offered a new position!”


Jo Anne Robinson

“This course is a great refresher. I have worked with the software for years and still walked away learning a ton of information. Caring individuals making a difference!”


Kim Cady

“After our office went through a software conversion, Evolution Dental Coaching was able to guide us through the process. Our conversion was a success and the paperless transition was seamless thanks to Danielle and her team.”


Gail DeRossett

“Upon completion of dental assisting school I was still having a hard time finding employment because I didn’t know the software the offices were asking me for. After a few classes with Danielle I was able to get a great dental assisting position. I would recommend her classes to anyone just getting out of assisting or hygiene school.”


Susie Romo RDA

“Being tossed into an office not knowing the main component is difficult. Danielle did an excellent job speaking, and teaching through demonstration and hands on “real dental world situations.” It was very helpful to learn in a private classroom setting instead of the pressure of the doctor and patient waiting on me. Thank you!”


Amber Melder

“Great class! Good pace, tons of hands-on. I feel so much more confident going in to my interviews. Can’t wait to take the hygiene course.  Very helpful!”


Mary Harper RDH

“I have been sending my team to Danielle for training for the past year. During this time, I have seen incredible individual growth and a change in mentality from “it’s just a job” to “this is my career”. The office systems she has implemented into our office have provided us with needed structure, consistency and improved communication between the team and the patients. My front office team had never received any type of formal training in the past, the awareness Danielle brings to the practice is motivational and effective. The office is excited when Danielle comes to visit as we all know we are going to learn something! What an inspirational individual to work with.”


Dr. Singh DDS