Evolution Dental Coaching Partners With You For Success!

HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT:                           

Your income will grow and your receivables will shrink! Most often account balances reflect incorrect treatment plan estimates, bad debt, and erroneous ledger postings. In partnering with your team, we become a seamless extension of your collections efforts, while upholding your values and respecting the client relationship.

Whether you need a complete overhaul of your collections process or just looking to maximize efficiency, we will provide you with the assistance needed to keep your accounts receivables to a minimum and maximize returns.

ACCOUNT RECEIVABLES SOLUTIONS:                        

Human Resource Development is the framework for empowering employees through enhancement of their organizational skills, expanding their knowledge base and discovering their individual core abilities.

Evolution Dental Coaching develops and implements comprehensive training programs to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your employees within your practice.

Once educational strategies are established, your team will operate with improved accuracy, case acceptance will increase and your inter-office communication will facilitate a positive work environment.


A significant amount of revenue is lost through the insurance process. By establishing what causes and preventing rejected claims, effectively appealing denied claims, and         focusing on your accounts receivables, our clients will see an increase in office profitability.

All patient ledgers are reviewed for accuracy. Often we find numerous errors have occurred in EOB posting. This causes inaccuracies in your patient’s statements, which   often leads to unrealized revenue. 


Your practice will be paid faster by the insurance companies when we coach your team to avoid the mistakes that lead to denied claims.

Often unsubstantiated adjustments are requested by insurance companies. Because we understand what is rightfully yours, we will educate your team to appeal and win these claims. This will keep your 90-day accounts to a minimum and you will write off fewer insurance adjustments.

By ensuring your fee schedules are negotiated and updated correctly, your treatment plans will be accurate allowing you to maintain professional and long-standing relationships with you patients.


Upon completion of your Individualized Practice Assessment (IPA), we will define your goals and development the necessary plan to accomplish them. These practice guidelines and clinical protocols will establish corporate professionalism and effectiveness. 

Dental office procedures and protocols are designed and implemented for numerous reasons spanning the entire spectrum within the dental office. A small sampling of areas covered are:

  • Protection of patients and staff from the hazards that exist in the dental office, 

      following OSHA safety regulations

  • Maintain an efficient, structured and stream-lined work environment

  • Human Resource Management

  • Protection of patient privacy according to HIPPA standards

  • Appointment protocols, procedures and front office etiquette

Effective system and protocol implementation provides unlimited benefits to your practice, but most importantly provides your patients with optimal care and increases your