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"This is the first step towards introducing Evolution Dental Coaching to your team"

The Individualized Practice Assessment is a comprehensive study and analysis of your practice. We thoroughly review your systems, team cohesiveness, office productivity and goals.

Full IPA Includes: 4 hour onsite assessment of practice, offsite analysis of reports by EDC team, written prioritized plan addressing the Doctor's main concerns followed by a detailed consultation of findings with recommendations.

  • A/R Analysis: Insurance & Private

  • Evaluation of Office Policies and Procedures

  • Assessment of Team Performance & Cohesiveness

  • Evaluation of Office Productivity and Goals

  • Audit Account Ledgers for Accuracy

  • Treatment Plan Presentation & Case Acceptance Review

  • Full Analysis of your Office Forms and Documents

  • Assess the practice as visually perceived by your patients

Why IPA?
While in school, dentists learn the clinical aspect of dentistry, but rarely have the opportunity to study the H/R and small business management fundamentals. All are equally important to the success of the practice.  

Additionally, business managers require more than on-the-job training to advance their expertise. With comprehensive coaching, we can provide them with the tools to be successful and accurate, substantially increasing your overall office production.


Evolution Dental Coaching provides you with all levels of front-office business support. From training staff, to auditing/reviewing/monitoring your accounts, to fully rebuilding your front end business, EDC is committed to your financial success. 

With the clinical demands on the doctor, it is difficult to fully monitor the day-to-day operations at the front desk. For many Doctors there is a concern that the procedures, payments, and adjustments are not being posted accurately. It is imperative to utilize and outsource a "neutral" set of eyes on the front end business. This ensures your financial transactions are optimized, including keeping aging accounts receivables to a minimum, correctly posting payments and preventing unnecessary adjustments. This consistency and accountability establishes profitability for your practice.

EDC offers ongoing support for dental practices after the initial audit is complete. A maintenance program will be designed for your specific needs. Support is an important component ensuring staff members are following established processes. Services are typically set up every 3-5 weeks to ensure optimal results. We will provide an updated report after each visit highlighting our observations and recommendations.

DENTRIX TRAINING WORKSHOPS:                                

Through Evolution Dental Workshops, dental professionals are provided the opportunity for interactive hands-on software training. These workshops help clients develop efficient, standardized protocols for all practice management systems allowing for increased profitability, efficiency, and consistency within the dental practice.